AI Evaluator determines NFT’s ranking and pricing via blockchain data sources and Machine-Learning algorithms.

All NFT Cards liquidated to the System are charged 2%. The return will be partly locked for 2 months and then being returned to the user's wallet in full.

NFT CardPriceLiquidation Vesting


3,750,000 $ACR

90% (10% is locked in 2 months)


2,475,000 $ACR

70% (30% is locked in 2 months)


1,650,000 $ACR

50% (50% is locked in 2 months)


1,125,000 $ACR

30% (70% is locked in 2 months)


825,000 $ACR

20% (80% is locked in 2 months)

In the future, the System will carry out a thorough selection of liquidated NFTs for OpenSea listing.

The revenue will be distributed to:

  • Creators

  • Development Fund

  • Buyback & Burn Pool

  • $ACR Stakers

Practical Example:

Alice wants to liquidate a Rare NFT Card so that she may spend $ACR on the Staking Feature. After liquidate the NFT successfully, Alice receives 50% of the NFT's value, equivalent to 825,000 $ACR, transferred directly and instantly to her wallet. The remaining 50% (825,000 $ACR) will be locked for 2 months and then fully returned to Alice's wallet.

As an Rare NFT Card with a unique design, Alice's NFT Card has been put on the OpenSea listing waiting list. If any user purchases the NFT Card, Alice will get an additional share of the revenues for her creation.

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