Narrow Scope

Narrow Scope is a specific feature integrated into the NFT Card generation process that determines how closely the created NFT matches the user's input description.

On the NFT Ticket opening screen, the user needs to navigate the Narrow Scope bar to select the desired level, which is restricted to the Narrow Scope Pack they own.

Based on levels (1 to 15), Narrow Range Packs are categorized into three Tiers: Free, Pro, and Ultimate. The higher the tier, the higher the scaling rate and vice versa; and it will determine the similarity of the generated NFT Card with the input description. Check out the table below:



1 - 7



7.5 - 12

400,000 $ACR


12.5 - 15

800,000 $ACR

Narrow Scope Pack will be expired in 30 days.

The input keywords will eventually be helpful in seeking and exchanging NFT Cards on Marketplace.

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